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Friday, May 17, 2019

Today’s fun in the Dolphin Class

  • Question of the Day: Would you like to go to Uranus?
  • Snack: Veggie Straws
  • Books we read: 
    • Planets by Ellen Hasbrouck
    • First Big Book of Space by Catherine Hughes
    • What’s Out There? A Book About Space by Lynn Wilson
  • Activities we enjoyed included:  painting purple and pink pictures at the table, writing and drawing in our space journals, working on fuse bead creations, building with Wedge-Its, playing with space figures in the sand table, working in the space center, and petting and observing our baby chicks (they have gotten so big!). At Circle Time, we learned about the planet Uranus. Next week, we will continue our exploration of our solar system!
  • We’re looking forward to see you this evening at the Pizza Party and Open House!

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