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Foxes 1/15/20

*Ms. Lipnick was out today for an appointment, Ms. Clark was our substitute.  

*We will plan to leave tomorrow after Get Together for our Starbucks field trip (around 9:30)…  if you are planning to come, please either plan to come to Get Together or meet us in the classroom around 9:30. Thanks!

Snack: Cheez-its

Story: we re-read Tacky The Penguin (one of Ms. Hart’s favorites!)

Circle time: Frederick shared his puppy toy.

Activities: painting with tempera cakes, MAd Mattr, puzzles, Plus Plus, sensory table, sand table, coffee shop, Mr. Potato Heads

Science:  We are switching gears in science and moving on to the 5 senses.  Today we explored sight. We talked about how we use our eyes to examine pattern, shape, color and size.  We can gain a lot of information about things just by looking at them.

We then experimented with spinners to see how patterns change as they move; used mirrors to turn half images into whole images; mixed color panels to make new colors; and finally played a fun version of twister first by calling out the colors and then using our eyes only to see the colors without naming them.

Ask your child what their favorite sight experiment was.  Looking for a fun activity? Charades is another fun game you can play using your sight.

Important Dates and Reminders:

  • PLEASE keep sending hats and MITTENS every day- our borrowing supply seems to have disappeared!  
  • Please send Snow Pants on snowy/yet days- they help keep our friends warm and dry, even if there’s only a little snow.
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