Faculty and Staff

Each classroom at St. Columba's Nursery School is staffed with two teachers. These skilled and nurturing educators facilitate children's play, work with small groups, regularly observe children, and plan engaging lessons based on their knowledge of children's interests and needs.

In addition, St. Columba’s employs a part-time coordinator to manage our outdoor classrooms—the playgrounds. The Playground Coordinator sets up equipment and provides an ever-changing array of "loose parts" to entice the children to explore and engage in active play.

Our Environmental Science teacher meets weekly with each class to teach our children about stewardship of the earth and guide them through fascinating experiments and lessons centered on taking care of our school pets and our gardens. Lessons include gardening, composting, and worm husbandry, to name a few.

Our Music & Movement teacher meets with each classroom once a week to sing, dance, play instruments, and act out stories.

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Rich Learning and Active Outdoor Play