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St. Columba's Nursery School: Building the mind, body, and spirit through active play


The St. Columba School Day
Times: 8:30 am-2:30 pm
Days: Monday-Friday
Ages: Open to all students (2.5-5 years)

The St. Columba school day is designed so that children have time for long stretches of uninterrupted work and play; a generous schedule for science, music, and drumming, making occasional field trips, and diving deeply into subjects that interest them. It’s the perfect preschool day. Children bring their lunch to school each morning and eat it family-style with their friends and teachers.

The Young Learner Transitional Day
Times: 8:30 am-12:30 pm
Days: Monday-Friday
Ages: A limited number of spots are available for our youngest learners

We have a limited number of spots in our Young Learner Transitional Day program, which is suited to our youngest students and those very new to the school. The YLT Day provides two experienced classroom teachers and offers four hours of rich learning and active outdoor play in the company of similarly aged friends. The School serves a healthy snack mid-morning. Children bring a lunch from home each morning, which is eaten family-style with their teachers before heading home mid-day for a nap.

Rest & Play and Early Arrival

Rest & Play Times:  2:30 pm-6 pm
Early Arrival Times:  7:30 am-8:30 am  
Days: 3-day, 4-day, or 5-day
Ages: Open to all students.

The Rest & Play Option extends the school day until 6:00 pm for children whose parents need a full day of coverage in a safe and nurturing setting. Children rest for a short while and then have free-play on the playground or in the classrooms. Rest & Play also offers special enrichment activities like STEM, art, cooking, crafts and games 4-days a week. Early Arrival allows families at earlier drop-off beginning at 7:30 am.

If you wish to enroll in Early Arrival or Rest & Play, please contact Ann Spruill at (202) 742-1980 or (202) 468-4119 or aspruill@columba.org.

You can enroll in these programs at any time during the year – as a regular attendee or on a drop-in basis. We ask that you give the office advance notice so we can ensure that we are staffed for the number of children attending. Drop-in fees are billed monthly.

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Rich Learning and Active Outdoor Play