The Playground Project

St. Columba's playground and emphasis on outdoor play are core components of our program. Our playground is such an important part of what makes the nursery school the special place that it is. Our natural aesthetic allows children and adults alike to feel fully immersed in nature even in a major city like ours. Our playground inspires curiosity, joy, and excitement, and is a canvas for children's creativity.

In spite of the beautiful space and ongoing repairs to maintain our equipment, it was clear that we needed to entirely replace our equipment. We are very fortunate to have found a company, Kompan, to create custom designs that work with our outdoor space and our desired natural aesthetic. Our new equipment will be installed in the Summer of 2024 to minimize the impact on our children. 

As you can imagine, replacing the existing play equipment is both necessary and incredibly expensive. We need the financial support of our entire school community, consisting of current families, alumni families, our Board of Governors, grandparents, and friends of the nursery school. We are seeking $250,000 in donations to help the school close the costs of the Playground Project

We traditionally have an annual fundraiser, the Piggy Bank Campaign, but this year, every single dollar donated to the Piggy Bank Fund will go directly towards the new play equipment. This is an investment in our school. We ask that friends of the nursery school give as generously as they can towards the Playground Project, as we will not do this for another 20 years. Please show your support for outdoor play today!

The B-Side Play Structure

The customized structure that will be installed on the B-side will serve children ages 2-5 years old. There will be various features that are similar to what we have now (a corkscrew/curly climber, a climbing wall, slides), as well as new and exciting features, such as a rope bridge, a tunnel, a balance beam bridge, and a pulley system that allows children to move loose parts like sand and mulch. All of our children will be able to use and find challenges in this structure no matter their age or physical development. As an inclusion program, this is so important. All of our friends will be able to enjoy our new equipment!

The A-Side Play Structure

The new A-side play structure will appeal to our youngest children, but also provide challenge and thrill for children all the way through 12 years of age. As you know, our playground is open to the public when school is not in session, so it is important that we are able to provide something appealing to children older than 5, as well as provide challenges and "safe risks" for our adventurous preschoolers!

There will be two slides on this particular structure. One of these will be made of stainless steel and will allow children to zip down quickly. Another exciting feature of this structure includes a Jacob's ladder, which is a curved ladder requiring children's spatial problem solving and strong gross motor skills. There will also be a tunnel for children to climb through and hammock seating. In addition to this customized structure, we are also installing an exciting seesaw that can hold many children of all ages at one time, a new bike path surrounding the play structure, and an amphitheater with a stage and seating for 30 children built into the hill towards the bottom of the A-side!

Thank You to our Generous Sponsors! 


Platinum Level ($10,000 +)

  • The Ernst & Gertrude Charitable Foundation/ Martin & Marcia Allen
  • Alice Goodman (Chair of the NS’ Board of Governors
  • David & Betty Cronin 
  • Anonymous

Gold Level ($5,000 +)

  • The Treiber & Smith Family

Silver Level ($2,500 +)

  • Caroline Richards & Erik van der Merwe
  • Alison and Jim Harris
  • Nancy F. Butte & Bruce Sidner
  • Andrea & Martin Kleinbard
  • Alex & Carter Simpson
  • Alessandra & Matthew Handorf
  • The Lee Gossett Famly
  • Nicholas & Kate Hailey
  • Elizabeth & Chris Spina
  • Koala Classroom Family

Bronze Level ($1,000 +) 

  • Lauren Camilli 
  • Caitlin & Mark Chicu 
  • Michael Donovan & Gohar Sedighi 
  • Maryann Gosnell 
  • Shelby & Jonathan Hammond 
  • Allicia Lam & Richard Powell 
  • Thomas Marchetti & Elaine Nessle 
  • Colin McCormick & Junia Geiser 
  • Mary Beth Stanton & Stephanie Corcoran 
  • William & Jean Crocker 
  • Claudette St. Romain
  • Bylawski Memorial Trust (Debra B. McMahon Trust) 
  • Christopher & Martha Tracy 
  • Anne & Matt Gialanella 
  • Anne & James Murphy, Jr. 
  • Patrick & Jill Smerkers 
  • Judy & Clarke Brinckerhoff 
  • Jiyoun Chang & Yoonhan Ahn 
  • Becky Ballard & John Means 
  • Meghan Naik & Cyrus Kharas 
  • Giselle Barcia & Daniel Schuker
  • Joy McGlaun & Mike Varrone 
  • Katy Robinette & David Vernon
  • Michael Hill
  • Stephen & Meredith Little
  • Anne & Scott Hetz
  • Eakta & Alex Agrawal
  • David & Betty Cronin 
  • Kay & Dick Tatum
  • The Liu Family
  • The Houston Benedetti Family
  • Laura Shen & Henry Hoyle